What’s to be Seen?


Week of May 23rd, 2016



The About Alicia tab tells us a little bit more about Alicia and her art endeavors.







The MarkerArt tab shows Alicia’s free-flowing creativity in her intuitive marker drawings.






The Paintings tab shows Alicia’s professional Abstract Landscape series. This was the work Alicia showed in galleries. It’s a spectacular series of 45 paintings on a large scale. Alicia has also begun a series of painting on paper, which are on this page. Other works by Alicia are now being shown, and some by friends and family.







The Blog is where Alicia has posted more information about her art career and about her painting series. She also adds posts, like song clips, that suit her taste, and that go with a feeling for that day or time.





The LoveArt tab is an exciting exhibit of several galleries of marker drawings that tell stories about love- and the amazing romantic energy we can feel, in love, in life.






The PhotoArt tabs are picture journals of Alicia’s creative adventures in her daily life, currently enjoying the summer outdoors whenever she can. So many interesting finds, places, and stories!







The Books tab features Alicia’s book projects, some in collaboration with other very talented artists.






The Boys’ Love tab has the paintings Alicia’s friends made in a fantastical romantic style. There are other goodies there as well.